what is Weddingstr?

Weddingstr is an application aimed at taking the stress out of searching for wedding venues across the globe. As the world grows ever smaller, more and more hopeful newlyweds are looking to get married in their ideal destination.

This is where Weddingstr really shines!

  • Luxury
  • Favourite
  • Global

Thousands of wedding venues at your fingertips

Weddingstr gives you a simple and easy platform to find information on possible wedding venues and contact their owners directly.

Plan your wedding
without the stress

Offering an intuitive interface to find the perfect venue, browse our cities and find that special place for your special day.

Once you've found
your place

Find out all the information you need such as availability, pricing and extra features they may offer. There's also a review section to see what past couples thought about the venue.

A direct line
with your venue

With our built-in messaging service, contacting the venue is as easy as messaging family,meaning you have a direct channel with the venue's organisers.

Want to host on Weddingstr?

If you have a space or venue that can host between 50 - 500 people
then joining the Weddingstr network is just as easy!

These are just a few things that we can offer you:

  • Global Exposure

    With Weddingstr hoping to bridge the gap between adventurous newly-weds and exciting venues, you're venue will have exposure across the globe.

  • Mobile First

    Future clients will be able to find your venue directly via their phone, likewise you'll be able to contact them through our messaging service.

  • Clean Interface

    Through our simple and clean interface you can update your venues information, add new features, all on-the-fly and directly from your mobile.

  • Helpful Calendar

    Weddingstr also offers a helpful calendar that lays out the year, allowing you to track both current and prospective clients with ease.

Just click the button below and find out how easy it is to join the Weddingstr network.


A Concept Idea by
Ant Villa Dean

The Wedding app to find your dream venue.